Middle Park area fishing report 6-27-16


Surface temp 62 at 6AM. By late afternoon temp climbed to 68. Lake trout are slow today. Small numbers of 3 to 4 year old Salmon are being caught trolling. Bank fishing for rainbow is slow. With the warmer lake temps Pike are starting to show more aggressive interest in following lures, but the bite is slow. Randy has been fishing trophy pike at Williams Fork for 28 years.


Grand Lake fishing has been best early and late in the day. Water temp is 49 degrees in the morning warming to low 50’s by the afternoon. There is lots of water coming into the lake bringing lots of debris.  Keep an eye out, I have seen whole logs partially submerged, floating all over the lake. Browns and rainbows are still hitting the in the shallow parts of the lake and where there is moving water during the low light periods.  The lake trout are working their way deeper by the day as the water warms but are still active and biting well. Have fun and stay safe! - Dan Shannon, Guide for Fishing with Bernie


Lake Granby's water temp is in the mid 60's. Rainbows are still being caught early and late in the day in the grass and near moving water. Browns are caught early around running water. Lake trout are scattered around the lake starting at about 40', we caught them last week as deep as 90'. Fish are migrating looking for comfortable water temps and food. The early and late periods are best for all species in the area but they will eat if your lure/bait is presented carefully. Bernie has been guiding the middle park area for over 20 years. Please checkout www.fishingwithbernie.com or Facebook "Fishing with Bernie" for more information.