Clints 2nd fish

Clint came out with his family. His goal was to catch a nice fish. ACHIEVED in the first hour, later in the day he got this large fish.#Lowrancefishing, #Crestlinerboats #eagleclawfishing #mercurymarine #berkelyfishing

Kirt and Jessica

Kirt and Jessica came to Colorado caught a couple fish, we had to dial in the presentation. After that the fish seemed eager. #Crestlinerboats #lowrance #mercurymarine,

Rainbow Trout fishing

Some of my favorite days are when I get to take families out to catch fish. These rainbows were caught on a size 8 Eagle Claw hook, split shot and a worm.

Brian and Kellys fish

These guys dealt with a difficult bite and caught few very nice fish. Here are 2 of the nicer fish. They stuck with it and payed very close attention to the light biting fish.

Fighting and landing a good fish.

Great technique, great hook set, great fight and a quick release.

Ice Fishing

At the end of the day we hook the best fish of the day.