Guide Service


Your trip will either be to Catch Big Fish or Catch Your Limit.  If you want both, check with us.  Sometimes we catch lots of fish with a shot at a larger one.

Catch Big Fish

We're looking specifically for fish over 30"

We'll move around much more in the boat

In the winter, during Ice Fishing

  • May drill up to 100 holes
  • More physically active

Catch Your Limit

Fish over 18" will always be photographed and released
Fish 18" and under may be taken home; your choice
We'll clean up to 4 fish per person; ready for the frying pan
More family-friendly

All Trips

Everyone is welcome!

Young and old, girls and guys

You'll learn something!

  • Equipment; what they use and why
  • The Species; how they behave, what they bite, how to land
  • The Lake; structure, water temperature, variations in season

You'll have fun!

  • We are serious about fishing, but we also like to have fun!
  • We love to talk about fishing and answer any question you may have.

You'll catch fish!

It's your day, we will make it the best we can!