Lake Granby are fishing report for 6-19-16

Williams Fork is full and starting to settle down. Lake surface temp is hitting mid 60's in the bays on a sunny day. Fishing is slow for all species except lake trout. A few Kokes are being caught by trollers. Bank fishing for trout is slow but some are being caught. Pike are moving into the shallows to sun mid day. They can be seen in all bays. Some are following lures but are not aggressively hitting yet. Fly fisherman are catching a few. Lure angling is slow. Best bet is slow moving suspending lures.

Grand Lake's water temp is approaching 50 degrees, fishing has been good with the best bite for browns and rainbows occurring at sunrise and sunset for fish cruising in the shallows around the inlet areas.  The lake trout have been active and feeding throughout the day, but are working their way deeper toward their summer patterns as the water warms up. Great time of the year to be on the water, keep in mind we are in our summer weather pattern with afternoon winds and thunderstorms often with lightning occurring almost everyday,  plan accordingly, have fun and be safe!

Lake Granby's water temp is in the low 60's. Rainbows are still being caught early and late in the day in the grass and near moving water. Lake trout are scattered around the lake starting at about 40', we caught them last week as deep as 80'. The early and late periods are best for all species in the area but they will eat if your lure/bait is presented carefully.

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