Middle park ice fishing report 1-28-19

Here is your middle park fishing report for the week of 1-28-19. Due to the last couple snowstorms we are starting to experience a little bit of slush on the lakes. We are still seeing people walk long distances and ATV's out also. 

Williams Fork is still fishing well for 12-17'' lake trout, using the usual baits. The key seems to be to keep moving around structure in 30 - 70 feet of water until you find the greatest concentration of fish. Rainbow action has remained slow to moderate with a fewnice fish being caught. Most of the rainbow action will be in shallow and will happen from sunrise and will last about 2 hours. The pike have been hit and miss with most of the fish being caught in 20 feet of water or less. Sam Hochevar- Guide Fishing with BernieGrand Lake, Rainbow and Brown trout are still taking small, bright colored jigs tipped with wax or meal worms along the shorelines. It is also a good idea to also carry a rod with a small spoon to search for the aggressive fish feeding in the shallows. 8-20 feet of water seems to be best for these trout so drill some holes and find what depth the fish are holding in for that day. The lake trout are also feeding aggressively out in deeper water (50-90 feet). Small white jigs or tubes tipped with a piece of meat seem to be doing the trick. When you are out in the deeper water, keep an eye on the entire water column as there have been a few fish coming through suspended off of the bottom. The area by the east outlet and the inlet from Shadow Mountain continue to have open water and questionable ice especially when they are pumping water. Jake Foos- Guide Fishing with BernieLake Granby, Rainbows have been fishing pretty consistent along the shorelines in 8-15 feet of water using small jigs tipped with wax worms or spoons jigged very aggressively. Concentrate your efforts finding structure along the shoreline in these depths and that will give you the best chance at these fish. Lake trout have been fishing well in 50-80 feet of water on deep structure. Tube jigs, spoons and soft plastics tipped with a small piece of sucker meat has been producing the best. The lake is starting to see a lot of slush as of late with the heavy snows we have been getting. Please be aware of where you are traveling and use extra caution in these areas.Lake Granby's lake trout are very active till around noon. Small plastic jigs and spoons are catching the majority of fish. Rainbows are active in 3-10' of water eating anything bright as long as its tipped with bait. PLEASE BE CAREFUL AND CHECK THE ICE AS YOU GO OUT!