Middle Park fishing report for 7-23-2017

Grand lake 7/23/17
Water temp is mid 60's by afternoon.   Rainbow trout and brown trout fishing has slowed a bit,  but they are still being caught early and late,  or when the afternoon storms roll in.  Small cranks, fly and bubble or worms have been working.   Lake trout are getting deeper by the day and are found up to 110'.  Small jigs and spoons are producing throughout the day,   move often to find active fish.   Dan Shannon, Guide - Fishing with Bernie

Williams Fork Fishing Report

Surface temps have reached 66 in the morning warming to near 70 in the late afternoon. The Lake trout bite is up an down . One day they are very catachable, the next day they are off bite. We are having some success vertical jigging with grubs and rubber minnows tipped with sucker meat between 80 to 120 foot. We are catching one maybe two fish per spot, then have to move. Use your sonar to find fish, work the spot then move. Suspended fish seem to be easier to catch than fish belly down on the bottom. I'm using metal jigs for suspended fish.Fishing from shore is generally slow but some anglers are catching a few Rainbows bottom fishing with power bait or worms. I'm seeing Rainbows rise in the AM and late PM. Cast to the rises with a spinner or fly and bubble.Kokanee trolling remains slow but some trollers are getting small numbers of 16" to 19" fish. 

Large Northern Pike have have moved to deeper cooler water. They will work into shallow water during storms or low light periods. Pike bite is hit and miss. When you find a hungry fish you'll get a hit, it really doesn't matter what type of lure you are using. Your best chances are on low light windy days and near sunset. Randy Hall - Guide, FishingwithBernie

Lake Granby 

Water temp 68-70. Rainbows can still be caught with power bait and crawlers along the shore.In the evenings look for rising fish and cast small spoons to the rises. Trollers are catching rainbows with small spoons, spinners and crank baits.  Lake trout are hitting jigs tipped with sucker meat at depths of 40-100'. Trollers are doing well with spoons and crank baits.

Bernie Keefe has been a fishing guide in the middle park area for over 25 years. For more info please like "Fishing with Bernie" on Facebook or visit www.fishingwithbernie.com.