Spring Fishing

A Guides Life

As a fishing guide I get to fish more then anyone I know. On hot bites I get to net a lot of fish, slap high fives and listen to people giggle with excitement when they get a big fish on.

 I generally get my Crestliner ready in April for ice off in May. This year mother nature decided to give me an early spring. When my boat was ready for delivery my wife and I decided pick it up in Minnesota. After a short 2.5 day drive and 2 days of rigging my boat with a Motorguide XI-5 and Lowrance sonars we were ready for ice off.

Working with fluctuating reservoirs

Up thirty feet and down eighty feet in the same year?  If your reservoir regularly changes depth to manage water supplies or due to drought the daily, monthly, or yearly change in depth affects your fishing success.  Or simply plays with your mind and tests your ability to find the fish every day.

Crankbaits, Swimbaits and really big fish!!!

The sun had just begun to send its rays through the peaks on the continental divide and a small chop from the morning breeze kept slapping the boat. I had the Crestliner a long cast from shore. Steve had a Sebile Magic Swimmer and cast it towards the bank. About 5 or 6 cranks of the handle it stopped for a brief second Steve wondered if it was a snag then felt the head throb of a large fish. After a brief battle, the 34” lake trout surrendered to my net.

6-3-13 Fishing report

This lake Granby fishing report is brought to you by "Fishing with Bernie". This spring has been a tough one for the pelicans and osprey's until last week. The CPW stocked lake Granby with 2000 catchable rainbows. Some of the ospreys were thinking about moving south for the summer while the pelicans were starting to look slim and trim. The bird world is now fat, sassy and happy.

Ice - off is getting closer

Last spring we were in the boats on Lake Granby April 14th. This year I fished on the ice April 28th. What a difference a year makes. Over the next 2 weeks Granby will be losing it's ice. Looking up into Rocky Mountain National Park (above Grand Lake) I see a lot of snow. The snow pack site (snotell) says we are at 103% in the entire upper Colorado river basin. Lake Granby is about 65 ft low but with our snow pack it might not fill but it should get within 20ft. of full. 

April 2013 Fishing with Bernie Newsletter

It's hard to believe that this time last year I was able to be on my Crestliner fishing on Lake Granby. This year spring fishing has been delayed because of the weather and all of the snow the mountains have gotten from the last two storms. We are being hopeful that over the next few weeks the warmer weather will allow us to start. On the positive side of all the snow over the last few weeks we are now at 103% of total snow. This is great news for everyone who has seen Lake Granby, it's the lowest it has been in years and we are hoping that the spring runoff will help fill the lake this summer; might not be at full capacity but anything will help! 

Rigging my new Crestliner

Crestliner give us boat owners a very easy boat to rig. With any luck at all this article will help you with some of the decisions, tips and a couple tricks. The first thing I do is get in the boat and fish. Sit at the wheel, fish out of the bow, cast cranks, rig, jig and generally move around. then move to the back of the boat, troll, rig, jig even act like I went swimming and am now climbing back into the boat. While I am  doing all of this I make note (I use a pencil to mark everything) of where everything should go. Then walk through one more time and double check all my decisions. I will then place the objects on my marked areas and check them again. I realize I am doing things over and over again but once I drill a hole in my boat that decision is final.