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How to download CMAP Genesis maps for your Lowrance by Dan Swanson

About the author
*DAN SWANSON* is a multi-species guide in Northern Colorado. He is an 
instructor and seminar speaker on fishing techniques with a specialty 
around the use of fishing electronics - sonar, GPS and making lake maps. 
Dan competes professionally in walleye tournaments in Colorado, Wyoming and 
throughout the Midwest. He is on the Pro-Staff for Ranger Boats, Evinrude, 
Lowrance, St. Croix Rods, Crowley Marine, Abu Garcia, Berkley and Costa Del 

A Guides Life

As a fishing guide I get to fish more then anyone I know. On hot bites I get to net a lot of fish, slap high fives and listen to people giggle with excitement when they get a big fish on.

 I generally get my Crestliner ready in April for ice off in May. This year mother nature decided to give me an early spring. When my boat was ready for delivery my wife and I decided pick it up in Minnesota. After a short 2.5 day drive and 2 days of rigging my boat with a Motorguide XI-5 and Lowrance sonars we were ready for ice off.

Lake Granby Water Cycles Explained

It will be fun this year seeing Dike 3 recede back into the depths.  It rises like a beached submarine every four to six years only to dive back a couple of years later.  I started guiding about 20 years ago and I have seen it all.  High water, low water, and everything in-between.