September and October Fishing Tips

Time for Kokanee and Rainbow on Lake Granby


September through October, Lake Granby still brings some great "bites". The water temperature is still warm which means that the big fish are still biting and are found in deeper water. During the second part of September the Kokanee start to spawn and they put up a great fight! The Kokanee season is a short season, but is well worth the wait and the excitement.

In October, the Lake Trout get ready to spawn. This is when we get great numbers of fish between 17" - 24". During this time we stay away from the larger fish, because I don't believe in targeting them during the spawn. Also the Rainbow bite is unbelievable as well as the night bite for Browns.

As you can see, Lake Granby is producing plenty of different types of fish no matter what type of angler you are. Some other lakes that are close to home that produce large fish are Williams Fork & Wolford. Williams Fork Reservoir is great for Kokanee as well as the trophy Pike. If you are closer to Kremmling, Wolford has some of the largest Kokanee biting throughout the month of September.

During the two next months, the wildlife is amazing no matter what lake you are on. This is also the season when the Bull Elks start going into the rut, which means you can hear their bugles throughout Grand County. What an amazing spectacle to be reeling in a Kokanee while in the background you hear the e

My point is start your fall fishing now and book a fishing trip today. Enjoy as much fall fishing as you can and don't quit until the lakes freeze over, and then ice fishing season begins.

Be safe out there and as I always say my fishing philosophy is:
Learn Something - Have Fun - Catch Fish!