Loving my new Crestliner!


After having my boat on the water for over a month, I have decided it is one of the better boats I have owned. It is a Crestliner 1850 Fishhawk with a 150 Mercury Verado, lowrance HDS 10 and a Minnkota 101 I-Pilot.

We have had a great Spring bite and the fish have been hungry. The early spring trips mainly consist of fishing for Lake trout (really no kidding) and Browns. This spring we have caught an abnormal amount of browns around 21 inches. This is also the time where the Lake Trout are moving into colder and deeper water!

Early in the morning, late in the evening or whenever it is windy pick a rocky shoreline. The rocks are very important, I am looking for a very uneven shoreline with as many sizes of rock as I can find. When I see a likely stretch I will grab a #7,9 or 11 countdown Rapala and throw it directly down the bank. If that Rapala can stay in water less then 3 feet deep on the retrieve we will most likely get bit. The retrieve is simple, reel fast and jerk it ALOT.

When it is windy my Minnkota will pull me steadily along the bank and the Fishhawk is a dream to control. I will put the boat within a short cast from shore and cast to the bank. If I am on the bank I cast parallell to the shore. (when I fish from the shore I like to use floating Rapala's).

When the sun is up and the water is flat I go to doll flies and 4 inch Berkely power minnows. I cast these in deeper water and use a lift/drop retrieve all the way to the boat, or my feet (if I am on the bank)

The gear I use is a Fenwick HMX medium action rod with a fast tip and a Wright McGill " Sabalos" reel in a 25 series. This is the finest rod/reel combo I have used yet. The Sabalos reel has a flawless drag and the sensitivity and power of the HMX make a great team.

These techniques work at about every mountain reservoir I have ever fished at, go out and give it a shot you might be surprised at what you catch,