Happy Holidays from Fishing with Bernie

bernie xmas.jpg

We wanted to wish you and your family the Christmas season's joys and wonders. We have had enough cold days to be able to start ice fishing in some areas in Grand County. The ice has been thin so before you go check with the local tackle shops and friends to check the reports of safe ice conditions, but you should also always check as you go and bring a friend! We went out on Grand Lake last week and caught 5 fish from 28" to 38" in 50 feet of water!

One of my favorite early season fishing methods is very basic. We find points with large rocks on them, preferably near, bur not in, an inlet. Somewhere within a few hundred feet will work. After walking the area, I will drill 3 or 4 holes with my StrikeMaster auger, and then check the depths with my Vexilar depth finder. If I have a large rock near my "spot" I will always drill on each side of it. Trout have a way of gravitating to these sports and sticking around for a while. Fishing these spots is very simple. Having a depth finder such as the Vexilar is very important. If you don't

see fish in the area, you know you need to change areas or change tactics!

Over this holiday season try some early trout fishing, the bite can last all day! Enjoy the holiday season and from all of us at Fishing with Bernie, our sincere thanks for your loyalty and good will throughout the year and we look forward to fishing with you in 2012!!


Bernie Keefe