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Lake Granby are fishing report for 1-16-2017

Granby has froze over again. This time most of the slush has frozen over also. This gives us 1-4" of good clear ice, 3-6" of water and 4-6" of frozen slush. The frozen slush is not considered good ice. There are still very large pockets of slush on the ice so be very careful. 
Lake trout are fishing very well with Plain Jane or Leech flutter spoons fished to suspended fish. Tubes with sucker meat on the bottom or bait fished through out the water column. Rainbow and Brown trout are tight to the shorelines and will bite very well early. 
Williams Fork Reservoir is fishing well for lake trout in the 14-17” range with a few larger fish being caught.  Some folks are having luck finding the Rainbows but most anglers who want good action are targeting mackinaw in 35 to 70 feet of water.  Tube jigs in the 3-4 inch range tipped with sucker meat seem to be the most popular bait to entice the lakers and have been producing well.  A few pike are being caught, but action for them is spotty at best. The kokanee have been tough to find, but relatively easy to catch on small brightly colored jigs if you can locate the school.-- Tucker Bamford, Guide Fishing with Bernie

    The lake has been capped for about two weeks now (as of 1/15) and the ice is pretty solid, but you’ll never hear me say it’s “safe”.  The thinnest ice is near the dam at 6-8 inches, so use caution in that area.  The majority of the rest of the lake has 10-12 inches of solid ice.  There’s about 4 inches of snow on top of the ice with only a few very small slushy areas near shore. If you head up this week, take your ice cleats.  The ice is still slick underneath the snow.Grand Lake Fishing Report -  Grand Lake has fishable Ice on most of the lake, use caution and check the ice often if venturing out, conditions vary lake wide.  Fishing has  been good close to shore for Rainbows and Browns, with the bite being best during the low light periods of the day.  Lake trout less than 18” are being caught all over the lake and are active throughout the day.  Might have to move often to stay on top of the lake trout, but a little work will pay dividends at the end of the day.   Dan Shannon – Guide, Fishing With Bernie